About Us

Welcome to Redmond Elementary!

School Mission

The mission of Redmond Elementary is to prepare and enable all students through the shared commitment of the home, community, and school to be life-long, self-directed learners who are capable of thinking, reasoning and participating in a global society.

A Diverse School

Redmond Elementary is a diverse school that replicates the growing diversity of American Society. Located in downtown Redmond, Washington, this school was founded originally in 1912 and completely remodeled in 1998.

Redmond Elementary has many special programs that strive to meet the needs of our diverse population. The Transition Program: students that need smaller more structured classrooms, Quest: Gifted Students, Special Education: students with Individual Educational Plans, ELL: supports students learning English as a second language, Safety Nets: helping students with reading, writing and math After School Programs: opportunities for all students to have enrichment and extend their learning time.

School History

The original brick building was constructed in 1922. It was built as a school for the town of Redmond, which was incorporated on December 31, 1912. At first it was used as both grade school through high school, having 459 students by 1929. Through the years it has been the high school, junior high and then an elementary school named Redmond Elementary.

By 1950 an additional building was added to the old brick two story building with an additional 10 classrooms. At one time, as the only elementary in Redmond, the school housed nearly 850 K-6 students.

In 1998, the additional building of 10 classrooms was torn down and a new building was built to the east of the original brick building and with the addition of several other elementary schools in Redmond, the enrollment has stabilized around 410 students.

The wonderful old brick building is now leased by the city of Redmond and is used as a community center housing the Redmond Parks Department and other city programs.