Elementary Band

Email Mrs. Stoddard (astoddard@lwsd.org) for more information about Elementary Bands at Redmond Middle School.


Information regarding next year:

Current 4th graders (incoming 5th graders), you will be re-registering for band in the fall. We will visit your classrooms and send home a brochure for sign up information. We will have a Band Information Night in the fall as well. Typically, this Information Night is the 2nd week of school, and returning 5th graders will begin classes by the 3rd week of school.

ANY ability level is welcome to join in the fall. We have a place for ALL ability levels. If you are incoming 5th grader with no previous experience, reach out and we’ll get you started in the fall of 2020 as well.

If you need financial help with renting an instrument, don't hesitate to ask your band teacher, counselor or principal for help as we have school rentals and scholarships available, if needed.

Current 5th graders (incoming 6th graders) will hopefully be continuing their musical journey into middle school, and I hope at RMS with me! But, even if your child is attending a different school, most schools within and out of LWSD have band programs to join. Middle school band is a time where your student will see SUBSTANTIAL growth as a musician and as a person. Band is meant to be a safe place to expand your musical skills and function as a "home-base" for many new middle school students. And unlike elementary band, you meet for 52 minutes, 5 days a week, so they get really good at their instrument! We take all ability levels here as well (last year to join as a new musician).

But, band is a CLASS, DURING school, not a before school Enrichment program. That means, you have to REGISTER for band in order to be in band. You can be in Band and PE and still have 2 other Semester - long electives in 6th grade, but you need to be sure that Band was the 1st choice on your electives form in order to ensure you will be placed in band. If you arrive to school in September and you weren't enrolled in band, come talk to me (you know where my classroom is!) and I can enroll you in band. Any student who wants to be in band, can be in band.

Lastly, you cannot skip 6th grade band and join again in 7th grade band, so if you're questioning whether you should do it or not, the answer is YES. We are an ongoing, cumulative elective class as skills will build on each other. If you find that you don't like band after 6th grade, you can make that choice in 7th grade.

Benefits of Playing an Instrument In addition to having fun creating music with friends, meeting new friends, and getting to take trips as you get older, music also helps your brain. It will make you a better student and achieving better test scores. Watch this video.