Student Placement Policy



One of the most important responsibilities of the school staff is to assign students to classes for the next school year.  The goal of the student placement policy at Redmond Elementary is to assign balanced classes, according to established criteria, which create the optimal learning environment for all students so each student can high academic standards.  Each classroom is a community that must be representative of the diverse social, academic, and physical needs and abilities of all students.

Redmond Elementary School will adhere to the following criteria and process for student placement:

Student Placement Criteria:

  1. Classes will be balanced by gender and ethnicity across each grade level.
  2. Classes will be balanced by academic abilities and achievement.
  3. Class size will be balanced across a grade level.
  4. Classes will be balanced by social and emotional needs, work habits, and general behavior.

Student Placement Procedure:

  1. Principal will receive initial enrollment projections from the district and a student/teacher staffing ratio.  The number of class sections for each grade level is determined by the principal and Human Resources, based on enrollment and staffing numbers. 
  2. A student’s current teacher, according to the student placement criteria, will evaluate each student’s academic skills, work habits, social development, and participation in any support services such as ML, SN, Special Education.  
  3. Parents may complete an input form providing information that will be considered by the Placement Team.  We do not accept requests for specific teachers since we cannot guarantee placement for primarily two reasons: specific teachers may not be assigned to teach at a grade level as expected; and enrollment levels may mean that staffing and placement must change only days prior to the start of school.  Parents are welcome to share any information with the current teacher that parents feel would be helpful in a child’s placement.  Parent input is optional, and a form is available from the main office in May and must be returned to the main office by June 9, 2023.  This form will be forwarded to the student’s current teacher and then to the assigned teacher in August prior to the start of the year.
  4. Placement Teams will be established for each grade level.  Each Placement Team will include all teachers from the present grade level, one or more specialists, the special education teacher, school psychologist, counselor, and the principal.
  5. Each Placement Team will meet in June to develop tentative class lists based on projected enrollment and the placement criteria.
  6. In August, when enrollment and staffing are judged to be stable by district administrators, staff assignments and student placement will be finalized.
  7. Changes in a student’s class placement can be made at any time during the school year by the principal if it is determined to be in the best interest of the student.
  8. Final approval of student placement is the responsibility of the principal.
  9. Students will be notified of class placement prior to the beginning of the school year in August.


Parent Input Form